Citadela 023


The restaurant Citadela was founded in 1994 by Matić family.
A lot of love, effort and energy have been put in over the nineteen years of operation.
After setting extremely high standards, the family has specialized and improved their services by keeping up with the trends of providing excellent service.
The family has set itself the goal - creating and fostering tradition, being friendly hosts to guests with excellent service and professionalism as top priority.
Following the trends and the industrialization of the city in which it was established and, of course, the needs of the contemporary guests, in 2013 the building was fully renovated, expanded, got a modern design and the quality of our services has been raised to an entirely new level.
The existing services have been improved through renovation, as well as building a new dining hall and expanding its capacity. Furthermore, modern and spacious rooms have been rebuilt thus providing lodging services - an oasis of peace outside the city.
New fully furnished rooms, a large modern dining room, a separate parking facility, a beautiful summer garden with a lovely fountain provide the perfect venue for weddings and various celebrations. The detachment of the restaurant from the urban hustle and bustle makes it ideal for business meetings, gatherings and promotions.
The restaurant is renowned for excellent food and friendly staff who will welcome you in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.